Welcome to the world of Avengail. The world has been a peace for many years and trouble is brewing in Drachnor. Bent on revenge from the previous war.

Thainidan The Sorcerer King of Drachnor has been missing for 5 years. After his last Battle with Melindor, the Arch-Mage of Avengail they both vanished in a brilliant magical battle that lasted for 3 days. At the end a small island was destroyed and left barren and both wizards were gone.

Thainidan’s Apprentice Luxor has been running Drachnor ever since the battle. Now as his power has grown unchecked for 5 years, and with no Arch-Mage of Melindor’s power to stop him, war is brewing. He has his sights set on Avengail, a Kingdom with untold riches and magic.

Just when all looked lost, and at its darkest, a band of young heroes, just starting their adventures, are tasked with finding Melindor and bringing him back to aid their Kingdom. Their path is going to be a dangerous one, with much peril, but the rewards will be greater and their names will live on forever in legends and songs if they can possibly succeed.


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