Hawken is the God of justice and purity. His symbol is a cross hand guarded long sword. His colors are white and gold. Hawken is primarily worshiped by humans, and all good knights. He is also the God of good dragons, who also worship him. His domains are Good, Law, War, Protection, Destruction, and Strength. His Alignment is Lawful Good and his favored weapon is a Long Sword.

Loredon is the God of death and the underworld. His symbol is a red skull, and his colors are black and red. Loredon is primarily worshiped by non-humans, Evil Humans, Evil Dragons and necromancers. His domains are Evil, Chaos, Death, Undeath, and Destruction. His alignment is Lawful Evil and his favored weapon is a Flail.

Gillena is the Goddess of nature and balance. Her symbol is a set of scales in balance, her color is grey. Gillena is primarily worshiped by elves and other nature races, also all druids and neutral dragons worship her. Her domains are Air, Earth, Water, Fire, Plant, Healing, Sun, and Animal. Her Alignment is Neutral and her favorite weapon is a Mace.

Solnaria is the Goddess of magic and power. Her symbol is a Triangle and her color is a white and rainbow (typically depicted as a white beam hitting the triangle splitting into the rainbow. She is primarily worshiped by mages, and other magic using creatures. Her domains are Knowledge, Magic, Sun, Law, Force, Time, and Protection. His Alignment is Any Lawful Neutral (or any Lawful) and his favorite weapon is a dagger.

Swifty is the God of thieving and tricks. His symbol is a key and his color is purple. Swifty is worshiped by all thieves and their similar types, also all tricksters worship him including non-human types. His domains are Travel, Trickery, Greed, Chaos, Luck, and Protection. His Alignment is Chaotic Neutral (or any Chatoic Neutral) and his favorite weapon is a Short Sword.

Melenda is the Goddess of Weather, Healing and the Sea. Her symbol is a crashing wave, her color is Blue and Silver. Melenda is worshiped by Sea Elves, Humans, Sailors, and other good creatures. Her domains are Protection, Sun, Healing, Travel, Water, Weather, Ocean, and Luck. Her alignment is Chaotic Good, and her favorite weapon is a Trident.


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