Knights Honors

There is a story told to children of a special Knight, a Knight so brave, good and chivalrous that Hawken has blessed with special abilities. Dedicated to serving Hawken, the Knight of the Golden Dragon roams the land in search of other Knights worthy of blessings. He travels and listens for tales of Goodness, Bravery, Skill at arms, and of course Chivalry. He then seeks these knights out, and challenges them to friendly combat, to determine their skill and abilities. Looking to convert any he can to dedicating themselves to Hawken, and bestowing them with special honors these knights become known throughout the land.

These honors have through out history obtained a hierarchy, a pecking order if you will. from the lowest to greatest they are:

  • Pigeon Knight
  • Raven Knight
  • Falcon Knight
  • Hawk Knight
  • Eagle Knight
  • Griffin Knight
  • Silver Dragon Knight
  • Gold Dragon Knight

These Honors have come from the Banner and Tabard these knights are awarded after they compete against the Golden Dragon Knight. They are all on a background of gold, and have the insignia that the honor name derives from.

These knight are rare to see, yet the tales persist, is it real? is it an inside joke the knights just do? or possibly a initiation of some kind? No one knows, except the knights wearing these insignia. Parents still tell the tales to their children, and children still dream about the Golden Dragon Knight.

Knights Honors

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