This is the largest Human kingdom. Avengail is a kingdom of Knights, they have a King who is the decedent of the founding King Rodham Avengail. The current king is named Eric Avengail, he is a just and well loved king, he was a champion knight in his youth and has defeated many foes. He has two brothers, Randel and Lanthor. Both of his brothers are Dukes and the help the kingdom by running two Dukedoms.

Rodham is Randel’s Dukedom, named after the largest city it also has two other major cities, Rosscommons and Brockton. Lanthor’s Dukedom is Liltavia, Also named after its largest city, it also has two major cities, Weymouth and Gulliver. Avengail is also the Capital city and controls a third Dukedom as well as the entire Kingdom. There are two major cities in Avengail’s Dukedom, Golden and Elmore.

The entire Continent that Avengail is on, is surrounded by mountains and cliffs. Avengail City is the only coastal city with a harbor. All other major cities are on rivers, with access to the Sea. Unfortunately they are not deep enough for ocean going vessels so they must transfer to Ships at Avengail.

Avengail shares this Continent with the Dwarf Kingdom Holden and the Elven Kingdom Conferenstia

Avengail’s exports are All Dairy, Beef and Leather, as they are the only ones with Cows. They also export grains and have some iron, gold and silver mines. They import metals and gemstones from Holden and Grandor. They also import rice and fish from Jen.

The kingdom of Avengail has a complex legal system, known as the Avengail Code Legal


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