Eric Avengail

King of Avengail


Eric had Blonde hair, and Bright blue eyes. He is usually in either his royal raiment, or his Full Plate. His mount Sorlud has a golden sheen and is always nearby.


King Eric started his life in the capital city of Avengail, as the eldest and heir to the throne he started martial training as soon as he could walk. He excelled at this training and surpassed all expectations. He was also trained in Diplomancy, Religion, Riding, and History.

As he grew his instructors were amazed at his abilities and they were forced to look elsewhere for instructors as he outgrew their knowledge base. Eric was sent to the Elves in Conferenstia. While there he became a Squire to Galdranthia where he continued to learn how to be a knight. He devoted himself to Hawken and became a Paladin in his service.

As he grew he had many adventures, and has never lost a joust. While on one adventure, to slay an evil dragon menacing Mine Dock, he threw himself in front of the Dragons attacks to save some innocent peasants. His wounds were grievous and after a lengthy battle he emerged the victor. After seeing his self sacrifice to save the lives of the innocent, Hawken granted him sainthood.

He has ruled Avengail Justly, and through the guidance of Hawken Avengail has prospered. He has enacted some new laws to help the commoners and through these deeds has earned their love.

Eric Avengail

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